Personal growth comes from challenging ourselves with new ideas and perspectives. GooACADEMY provides mind-blowing training, hands-on practice and certification in the field of Digital Transformation.  

GooACADEMY is a training and certification engine for Digital Transformation Professionals. The GooACADEMY philosophy is to combine theory, framework, networking and success stories in a practice "hands-on" context. Each student will complete a Digital Transformation assignment (based on GooDIGITAL) in his/her own company to complete certification levels. The Digital Transformation Professional certification includes two levels: 

Certification: GooDIGITAL Foundation

The GooDIGITAL Foundation course is a 8 hours training session (two days) with a purpose to build competence and relevance around the topic of Digital Transformation. The training session will include latest research and thought leadership, customer examples and groups assignments. It will give the participants the tools and words to drive sales and progress and sales in digital transformation: 

GooDIGITAL Foundation Certification Requirements: 

• The ability to understand and explain the effects of digitalization on industries, and companies or organizations.

• The ability to understand and explain keywords and concepts in digital transformation

• The ability to analyze digital capabilities of a company or organization, and identify dependencies, strengths and weaknesses and recommendations going forward.

Certification: GooDIGITAL Professional

The GooDIGITAL Professional course contains practical use of the GooDIGITAL framework and master-class with fellow participants.  The course includes support/coaching sessions and a master class to share experience and implementations. 

 GooDIGITAL Professional Certification Requirements: 

•.The ability to facilitate engagement, workshops and meeting utilizing GooDIGITAL modules. 

• Documentation of at least three engagements, workshops or meetings where the GooDIGITAL modules where used. Participation in master class to share experience with rest of class.

Who should participate in GooDIGITAL Certification: 

•DigitalTransformation Professions, IT Transformational Professionals, Management Consultants, CDO, CIO, CEO, Business Development Professionals.

Please do not hesitate to contact the GooACADEMY crew with any questions regarding our certification programs. 

Great framework addressing the true challenges we see today. Excellent training and certification.”           Consultant Manager

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