Snapshot Research - Instant Insights for Digital Professionals

Snapshot Research is a concept developed by The Goodwind Company and Institute for Digital Transformation with an aim to map the state of mind of digital leaders.

Headline of latest snapshot research (December 2019): 

A majority of Digital Leaders do not think they will succeed with Digital Transformation!

Digital Transformation has become an internal project to reduce operational cost – not addressing the new challenges of the digital markets (high unpredictability & need for customer focus).

  • 44% of digital leaders think they will succeed with Digital Transformation
  • 40% of companies are able to respond to unplanned market changes
  • 43% of digital leaders understand what disruption is or where it will come from.
  • 40% of digital leaders state that their staff openly communicates and works collaboratively.
  • 52% of digital leaders spending most of their time developing new digital solutions.

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Snapshot Research

Snapshot Research is a new concept for rapid analytics regarding Digital Transformation. SnapShot research consists of 5-10 questions (maximum 3 minutes of completion) and released on monthly basis. The latest research will be published on this page. Powered by The Goodwind Company and Institute for Digital Transformation 

Snapshot Research Timeplan:

Snapshot 1: Digital Readiness (COMPLETE)

>> Download Snapshot Report

Snapshot 2: Digital Viability (December 2019)

>> Link to Snapshot Survey

>> Link to SnapShot Dashboard

Snapshot 3: Digital Transformation Levels & Speed (January 2020)

Snapshot 4: Digital Trend Analysis (February 2020)

Snapshot 5: Digital Leaders Prioritize & Challenges (March 2020)

Snapshot 6: Digital Market & Positioning (April 2020)

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