An open framework for Digital Transformation based on joint experience and knowledge of Goodwind, network partners, thought leaders and academia. It makes Digital Transformation easy to comprehend and implement with concrete management methods.  

GooDIGITAL is a ”best practice” framework for in Digital Transformation – shared and developed by a network of consultants and experts, boosted by latest research. It is a “living” framework with frequent releases to reflect the current challenges of digitalization.

GooDIGITAL framework consist of three main streams that jointly support an efficient digital transformation journey. 

  • Digital Leadership: promoting an active leadership and management that motivate and inspire people to live and breathe the digital journey, and challenges traditional with high cognitive abilities, creativity and commitment.  Removing fear of failure and stress. 
  • Digital Capabilities: promotes the organisation’s ability for continuous controlled change (adjusting digital capabilities in alignment to industry pre-requisites) and hence optimize customer experience over time (unpredictability). No periods of stability!
  • Digital Governance: promotes fast responsiveness to digital opportunities and threats (below 6 months) by an accurate view of the world (information), decision-making, execution and learning. Insuring right investment at right time, optimal value focus – mastering business unpredictability. 

The GooDIGITAL framework is used by various consultant networks as "best practice" methods for digital transformation. Contact us for more information!

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