“Only 4% of organizations have no digital initiative at all, which signals a shift from digital as an option to digital as a mainstream platform. And yet, an earlier Gartner survey found that almost half of CEOs had no metrics for digital business transformation.” – Gartner 2019

The Digital Balanced Scorecard is designed to help managers to implement and measure the effects of their digital strategies and transformation. It is important to measure all four perspectives for a balanced digital performance. The Digital Balanced Scorecard has been developed in cooperation with The Institute for Digital Transformation.

The Digital Balanced Scorecard measures four dimensions 

Measures the organisation's ability to react to changing business environment. For example:  Decision-lead time, Value-chain collaboration, financial health, and information security

Measures the organisation's ability to drive customer value, experience and competitiveness. For example: Time-to-Market, Time-to-Delivery, Customer Satisfaction & Retention, and Power of Innovation

Measures the organisation's ability to drive change, innovation and motivation. For example: Employee engagement, Cultural scoring, Ability to Change, Leadership behavior, and Management commitment

Measures the organisation's ability to drive increases in efficiency and effectiveness in way of working. For example: Number of Change Orders, Level of Automation, Value of Ecosystem and Sustainable Business.

Increased performance in one or more dimensions of the Digital Balanced Scorecard will improve the company's digital competitiveness. Please do not hesitate to contact The Goodwind Company for more information. 

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