The Goodwind Story

It is time to address the true nature of digital transformation – beyond technology and high level talk. We make it concrete by addressing leadership, governance and change management – where the real difference is made. 

Is there a need for a new consultancy firm on the market today? For some time, we have studied the phenomenon of digital transformation and have observed frustration in terms of the lack of focus and the inability of making it digital transformation concrete and real. It is easy to discuss the phenomenon on a high level but not to show concrete actions and steps. What is the value of digital transformation? We want to change this! Yes, our concrete and effective approach in combination with right experience is needed in the market today.

Goodwind believes in the sharing economy and the power of networks. To run digital transformation is the effort of a strong network where each partner plays his/her favorite instrument. We believe in open standards and providing power to our universe. This is a unique approach and business model inspired by Consultant 2020. It is the model for the future!

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