Digital Capability Assessment

Let us talk about the digital company! Many traditional companies try transform themselves into a digital company - with investments in digital technology or customer platforms. But what is actually a digital company and how does it create value? We define a Digital Company as a company or organization positioned in an unpredictable and IT intense market (mastering its digital domains: Engagement, Offering, IT/Information, People/Competence, Structure & Value Chain, and Business Model) creates sustainable digital competitiveness through customer value and experience. According to this definition, very few companies are truly digital, master all digital domains in a coordinated way, and operate far from their digital potential. Digital Technology does not define the digital company - it is defined by leadership and culture. 

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that make the existing model obsolete”  Buckminster Fuller

The GooDIGITAL framework include the Digital Capability Assessment tool that quickly and visually display the digital maturity, strengths and weaknesses of the company and organisation. It is a unique tool that enables management discussion of where to focus and develop. The Digital Capability Assessment is the first step of the digital transformation journey. Give us a call!