Digital Governance Assessment

Let us talk about Digital Governance! A Telco company we recently talked to concluded that it would take them 24 months to respond to a critical trend (new digital service by a competitor). They also concluded that disruptive trends would increase in size, magnitude and frequency. Their survival is based on fast reaction to trends and time-to-market of new services. This is not an uncommon dilemma but rather common for 80% of all companies. It is a problem with its roots in traditional leadership, governance and change management. 

GooDIGITAL include a Digital Governance Assessment which evaluates how well companies and organisations are governed - in a digital context. It is a unique tool that identifies strength and weaknesses of the current governance structure and allows the management team to define a roadmap going forward. Digital Governance is a matter of corporate survival and it is crucial to understand its current state and potential. How well is your company prepared for new disruptive trends? Give us a call!