Digital Stress Test

Let us talk digitalisation! In a couple of years, as the true effects of digitalisation completely transform industries, the companies need to respond faster to new customer demand and market threats/opportunities. The companies that can respond quickly with an efficient and effective governance and management will survive - others will be phased out. 50% of all companies will not survive digitalisation!

Goodwind has learned that stress testing the company's digital preparednessĀ in a calm environment is crucial for business survival - where bottlenecks and weakness can be managed in a controlled way. It is about dry-swimming the new digital challenges and addressing the trueĀ strength and weaknesses. It is the best insurance for digital competitiveness in the future.

Goodwind has developed a Digital Stress test where true digital scenarios are tested. Each scenario is evaluated from a number of perspectives (Process efficiency, Decision making, Speed, Information flow, Innovation and Employee Motivation) and determine the consequences on digital competitiveness. How well is your organisation prepared for the digital tsunami? Give us a call!