Value Bingo

Let us talk value! Goodwind worked with a Global Corporation to harmonise and rationalise a diverse and de-centralised IT organisation. It was an assignment where traditional consultancy firms failed to deliver results and a roadmap going forward. It was an IT organisation where each company had its own IT capabilities and did not trust anyone else to take responsibility. Goodwind took a new approach and explained the workings of new digital arena and how all capabilities need to contribute with value and experience to the customers - something they are willing to pay for. The outcome was extra-ordinary! The corporation agreed to harmonise 80% of its IT capabilities and focus its investments where digital competitiveness was created! It also reduced IT spend by 30%! Great!

The scenario is common for many companies and organisation. Its inability to differentiate between value-adding and non-value-adding capabilities hinders them to achieve the true potential of its digital competitiveness. Up to 80% of all digital investments do not support how the company competes in the digital arena. It is time for a new approach and build competitiveness together with Goodwind and the ValueBingo model. 

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